For Enrolment in Online (eLearning) Courses

No refunds or transfers will be given for online courses.  You may not cancel once you submit an order for an Online Class or a Web-Based Training Class. Once you submit the order, you are responsible to pay the entire course price.


For Enrolment in a Facilitated Workshop

The following terms and conditions apply to people registering for facilitated workshop with The Learning Trek.


Course Fees

  • Invoices issued by The Learning Trek must be paid no later than 14 days following the date of the invoice.
  • Payment can be made via electronic funds transfer, credit card, bank draft or other pre-approved payment method.


Cancellations, refund policy, transfers to alternate short courses

The Learning Trek is not required to provide a refund or transfer if you change your mind. If The Learning Trek cancels a workshop, we will refund your fees paid in full. Notifications of cancellations, refunds and requests for transfers must be made in writing. Use the contact form on (to be provided by 31 August 2018) to email Dr Richard Stejer. Alternatively call The Learning Trek on +61 (0) 421 254 200 to discuss your options.

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