Continuing Professional Development (CPD) focuses on the specific skills and knowledge required in the short-term, to remain proficient long after formal education courses are completed.  The objective is to safeguard the trust of public, clients and employers in the continued integrity of the professional.

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'Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks' - Albert Einstein

Trust and integrity depend on the confidence others place in the proficiency and competency of professionals.  Assure your professionalism with The Learning Trek.

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Our teaching philosophy is guided by two principles.

Learning Design

We strive to design courses that reflect authentic industry contexts in which learners can practically apply the fundamental content of a course.  Authenticity is shaped with problem-based learning that challenges learners to make sense of ‘the world of project work’.

Learning Delivery

Learners are engaged in active discussions that help them make sense of how best to apply what they learn to 'the world of project work'.  Structured into the course are frequently spaced formative assessments that highlight the concepts that learners are struggling to understand, so that coaching is target at the point of need.

















Learning is a shared experience among learners.  Our ideal is to integrate education technologies for affordable learning for everyone.

Value depends on when, where and how it realistically helps you (the learner) do a good job; and get recognised by your employers or clients.  We want our design and delivery to help people everyday.

  • We design for understanding.   We design training materials that help you understand how new knowledge fits with your existing professional experience.
  • We deliver for practical application. We deliver training workshops that suit the workplaces and job requirements to build competent people and capable organisations.



Valuable professional development (PD) provides the opportunities to apply your experience in new situations at work.  PD focuses on contextualised workplace learning, unlike training that focuses on the facilitator's opinions and classroom discussions.  Contextualised workplace PD is why we set-up The Learning Trek.

  • Seminars.  Learning happens when people interact.  Online discussion groups, webinars and meet-ups are an economical way for everyone to share professional experiences.  Press or click to find out more.
  • PDU.  Continual learning underpins professionalism.  Self-study in short bursts is the way we think of 'micro-learning' and 'learning at the point of need'.  Press or click to find out more.
  • Training.  Sharing valuable experience depends on learning something new.  Our courseware is updated to the standards in global best practice in project management and business analysis.

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